Brittany Rants About Football is a casual blog run on sleepless thoughts, Arnold Palmers, and Internet research! It’s the brainchild of me, the Britt in question–a Ravens fan who spends too much time thinking about football.

When I’m not hyperventilating over Ravens football (the only way you can possibly watch), I’m running, cooking, playing guitar, shooting bandits in Borderlands, or watching Djokovic or Serena play tennis. I try to go to at least one Ravens home game a year (tougher since I live in New York now), and my life goal is to own a … lady cave? woman cave? But you know, a private space that can feature the framed picture of the Mile High Miracle my parents bought for me in Ellicott City three years ago.

I started this site in summer 2012 at the suggestion of some friends, when Deadspin used a comment I sent in for the Ravens for their Why Your Team Sucks series. You can see the comment here; it’s just me cursing Lee Evans and incorrectly predicting Jacoby Jones would ruin our 2012-13 season! Since then this little ol’ blog has been mentioned on BaltimoreRavens.com and by Torrey Smith on his Twitter feed… so I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.

Thanks for reading!